Below is a complete list of all the available fabric patterns, some items are only available for certain panels on your skirt so please refer to the locations for compatibility.



Baby Pink

Baby Blue


Dark Grey

Dark Teal Green

Deep Red

Dark Purple



Neon Pink


Dusky Pink

Neon Green

Green Teddies

Purple and Green Flowers

Blue and Orange Flowers

Large Blue Flowers

Purple and White Flowers

Green and White Checked

Blue and Red Flowers

Colourful Owls

Blue and Grey Owls

Colourful Butterflys

Blue Tones Pattern

Black and Colour Diamonds

Green and Red Flowers

Mixed Coloured Flowers


Blue and White Spots

Blue and Grey Retro

Blue and Green Retro

Orange and Green Retro

Pink and Green Retro

Small Blue and Pink Flowers

Purple Funky Farm

Pink, Blue and Red Flowers

Cream, Purple and Yellow Flowers

Busy Blue and Pink Flowers

Blue Cats

Stone Cats

Large Red Flowers

Grey Stars and Moons

Green, Pink and Purple Flowers

Pink and White Large Flowers

Cream and Green Flowers

Large Purple Flowers