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Hi all,

BB Skirts was started in 2018 by a young (ish) woman who travelled a lot for both work and fun

Trying to pack light, look great and keep all of your regularly accessed precious items to hand isn’t always easy, BB is striving to change that with our fabulous range of reversible skirts, each with their very own matching bag

As they are reversible they are 2 skirts in 1, this really helps to lighten the load, for example packing 3 BB skirts equals 6 different outfits with a few tops and maybe some leggings which fold up very neatly.

It is safe to say most women’s weight fluctuates throughout her life, with weight gain, weight lose, pregnancy and even just a very large meal, as BB skirts are all adjustable we hope it never ends up in the ‘doesn’t fit me right now but maybe one day’ section of your wardrobe!

We have two distinct designs to choose from, ‘Our Designs’ or ‘Your Designs’

Our Designs are skirts designed by us, made with love by our friends in India

Your Designs are skirts made in England with British pride, designed by you. You choose the fabrics you want on your skirt, making it as unique as possible, as unique as you.

With constantly changing locally sourced fabrics, hand and machine sewing and our UK Double Minimum Wage Policy we ensure a quality finish every time

The waistband and matching bag are removable on the majority of BB skirts, this is fantastic for washing but also amazing for swapping with another BB skirt to create even more options for you

Please note our models pictured range in size from 8-14 currently, with our skirts advised for sizes 8-16, possibly size 18 if worn with leggings or shorts underneath, this is due to the wrap over part of the skirt, the larger the dress size the smaller the wrap over section becomes, on a windy day the wrap over flap could lift.

Watch this space for a soon to come new range of BB skirts, sized 16-22

We truly hope you enjoy looking at our site today, if you have any questions please get in touch

Email – info@bbskirts.me

Facebook – BB Skirt